Surveillance video shows man with motor oil and DVDs stuffed in jeans

Suspect caught by detective in unmarked car

LAKELAND, Fla. – An accused thief stretched his jeans to the limit at a Florida convenience store, allegedly jamming 15 bottles of motor oil and an assortment of DVDs down his pants, and it was caught on video.

Security video shows a man, who police say is William Jason Hall, walking into the 7-Eleven store in Lakeland, Florida, and later waddling out the door, holding onto his pants to keep them from falling.

What the suspect didn't know was that a detective in an unmarked patrol car was sitting outside, watching the whole thing through the front window.

The detective escorted Hall back into the store, where Hall proceeded to unload his treasure trove of oil and movies from his pants, according to police

The haul included 15 bottles of Pennzoil and 30 DVDs, including "Lassie," police said.

Police said Hall faces a charge of petit theft, his third such charge, making this a felony.

In a post on the sheriff's Facebook page, Hall is advised that the next time he needs some motor oil and last-minute gifts, to please pay for them.