Foster parents, adopters needed for pets at Franklin County Humane Society

No-kill shelter close to full capacity

ROCKY MOUNT, Va. – The Franklin County Humane Society has taken in more than 1,100 pets so far this year and is now at full capacity. Because of this, the organization has put out an urgent call for adopters and foster parents.

One person adopting a dog from the humane society for the third time is Sally Sizer. She is taking home a new member of her family. The newly adopted Ayslee will leave the Franklin County Humane Society after staying a month.

"She is very laid-back very sweet. It  just frees up another space for another dog," said Sizer.

In the last three years, Sizer adopted two other dogs from the Humane Society. Ayslee will be meeting her new sisters very soon.

"They'll love her. It will be hard not to," said Sizer.

With a dog or cat in almost every space, the Franklin County Humane Society is full, but they still say it's hard turning down any pets.

They're holding a "Name your price," adoption fee for any pet of your choice. 

"As much as we work with enrichment, it's a stressful environment for any pet to be in so if you're thinking about adopting now is the time if you're thinking about fostering can you open up your home for a day or week," saId Anita Scott, director of the Franklin County Humane Society.

They're more than 50 dogs and even more cats and kittens in their care. Scott says they take in more than 80 percent of pets from the community and local pounds.But sometimes they have to ask for help.

"We do reach out to others that are up north from Northern Virginia up to New Hampshire to try to find an outlet to where we can transfer that pets into their care so we can make room for more," said Scott.

In 2016, the humane society took in 2,500 animals and are on track to surpass that number this year. There are several reasons why the they no-kill shelter is becoming so full.

"We don't have a leash law in Franklin County. So dogs are allowed to run. You may have new people that moved into the community that are not used to seeing the dogs running around and they'll pick up a dog and bring it to us," said Sizer.

Right next door to the human society, is Purrfect Treasures. It's a fundraiser store where people can purchase items. The money will directly support the adoption center, the care of the animals and other costs.

They are open Friday 9 a.m.  to 5 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.