Police make arrests in illegal tattooing operation

Police say three men released on bond


PULASKI – Pulaski police made arrests in an illegal tattooing operation. 

On Wednesday, officers of the Pulaski Police Department executed separate search warrants in the 300 block of Meadowview Drive, the 100 block of Lake Street, and the 100 block of Tower Street.

Three Pulaski men; Christopher S. Alley, 26, Bradley A Cook, 29, and Timothy A. Hagee, 34, were arrested and charged with tattooing without a license. 

Police said they were later released on bond.

Police said a fourth man, Keith A Brogan, 39, of Pulaski, was arrested on a search warrant that was served on Friday. 

He is charged with tattooing without a license, tattoo/body piercing of minors, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Pulaski police urged anyone that received a tattoo or body piercing from the locations to contact their local health provider and get tested for hepatitis C.

The department said there are no currently licensed tattoo practitioners in the town or county of Pulaski.