WSLS 10 political analyst speaks out on Comey testimony

Dr. Ed Lynch is speaking out on what Comey's testimony means for President Trump

ROANOKE, Va. – WSLS 10's political analyst Dr. Ed Lynch is speaking out on what former FBI Director James Comey's testimony means for Donald Trump's presidency moving forward.

"Look, James Comey clearly believes that telling his side of the story is very important and he is prepared to do that. Having said that I doubt very much there are going to be any bombshells," said Lynch. 

Stories are swirling around Washington about what Comey's testimony does and doesn't say about Trump's presidency. In his first day of testimony, Comey confirmed one-on-one meetings and the discussions with the president that made him uncomfortable, but according to Lynch he offered no clear proof of wrongdoing.

"It certainly was poorly worded, and that's not a surprise coming from Donald Trump. Donald Trump has had numerous difficulties with exactly what he says and what he means...the two don't always seem to mesh," said Lynch. 

Comey's memos made up much of the discussion during Thursday's testimony, but Dr. Lynch said in politics, memos are simply not matter-of-fact.

"It's interesting from a presidential library point of view, but there's nothing definitive in notes that are taken by one of the participants in a meeting for obvious reasons. They can mislead," said Lynch. 

On the other hand, Lynch said no matter what Comey's testimony reveals, the attention and the implication that unfortunate choices were made by America's leader will likely put Trump in a negative light.

"I think after this week both sides, and particularly the president's critics are going to want to take a deep breath and sort of test the waters politically and see where this lands them and decide what if anything they want to do to follow up on it," said Lynch. 

Another ripple in already choppy political waters.