NC bill allows $200 fine for slow drivers who don't move over

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Over the years, we’ve been taught the left lane on the road is the passing lane and slower drivers should keep to the right.

A bill before the General Assembly could take things a step further. Some drivers in the left lane could soon face a $200 fine.

Those drivers would be impeding travel in the left lane, even if they are going the speed limit.

“The purpose was really public awareness, like a seatbelt law, to let people know this is dangerous,” said Rep. Duane Hall, (D) Wake County, one of the sponsors of House Bill 827. “Move over when you can when there are tight clusters of cars.”

Hall said while the bill would include the fine, drivers would not be subject to any points on their licenses. He said the Highway Patrol brought the situation to his attention as a public safety concern.

While the bill does have bipartisan support, some lawmakers are not on board.

“Somebody comes up behind me, breaking the law by following too closely or wanting to go faster than the speed limit, I as the lawful driver should not be forced to get out of their way or be subject to a $200 fine,” said Rep. David Rogers, (R-Rutherford).

We asked some Wake County drivers for their opinions on the bill, as well.

“I think it’s a good idea because people need to go with the flow of traffic,” said Ernie Williams of Cary, who supports the bill.

“Get the people who are really causing crimes and causing problems and such,” said Daniel Simon of Raleigh, who opposes the bill.

If it becomes law, the fines would not be enforced until December 2018.

Rep. Hall said that is to give the public an opportunity to learn about the new law.

If it passes the House, it could hit a roadblock in the Senate. A similar bill did not make it out of a Senate committee.

A Highway Patrol spokesman said they are unable to comment on the bill as it is pending legislation.