Wendell Scott Foundation hoping to use 'Cars 3' to help reduce violence in Danville

Wendell Scott featured in Disney's 'Cars 3'

DANVILLE – A Danville organization founded to carry on the legacy of Danville native and NASCAR driver Wendell Scott is doing just that as Disney's "Cars 3" debuts in theaters.

Scott is being featured in the movie.

Friday night's mixer at Danville's movie theater was organized by the Wendell Scott Foundation as much to expose Wendell Scott, the man, who was NASCAR's first African American driver, as to carry on Scott's legacy of giving back to the city.

The foundation hoped to do just that by providing resources in light of the recent violence in the city.

Warrick Scott, Wendell Scott's grandson and CEO of the Wendell Scott Foundation, hoped to use his late grandfather's movie debut to help the city race toward its goal of reducing violent crime.

"Our sponsors will be here setting up and engaging with the community," Warrick Scott said. "The community will also find out about community-based resources."

"So many sad things are taking place in our community. We're hoping this can kind of be a bright spot," said Scott.

In the past month, there have been three homicides. All of the victims were under the age of 25.

A Danville teen was also shot and killed in Pittsylvania County.

While the foundation primarily gives back by promoting STEM education, Scott said he feels this opportunity is also a way to carry on his grandfather's legacy.

"I know he was extremely passionate about children," said Scott. "For his likeness to be infused into a movie franchise like 'Cars 3,' it's all too ironic. I know that he would be extremely pleased."

In "Cars 3," Wendell Scott is portrayed by the animated No. 34 car named River Scott.

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