God's Pit Crew finishes home build for Gatlinburg family

GATLINBURG, Tn. – It's been a long road through tragedy, but through it all, Sarah and Terry's faith prevailed.

After countless volunteer hours to build the Benson's a new home and a new life, their prayers were answered.

God's Pit Crew's director and founder Randy Johnson gave the word, and a wave of emotions swept over the Bensons as they looked at their new home for the first time.

Through what the organization calls God's work, they gained two new family members.

And just like family, it was a shared emotional moment for volunteers too.

As the Bensons walked on their new front porch, they discovered a special gift, made by a Floyd County man out a burned tree that was salvaged from their front yard after the fire.

The group then prayed together for blessings on the house and the family.

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