White Sulphur Springs man reflects on loss of wife, home in June floods

Ronnie Scott moving forward after losing wife last June.

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, WV – The story of White Sulphur Springs resident Ronnie Scott has been shared all over the country. It's the story of a man who lost not only his home, but his wife during the West Virginia flooding last year.

"He come down. He got a perfect angel." 

The June 2016 flood brought loss to White Sulphur Springs. Loss of homes, loss of memories, loss of loved ones. Ronnie Scott knows loss. As floodwaters ravaged Mill Hill Drive, his house exploded with his wife Belinda inside. She fought to live, but in the end, the burns were just too much for her body to handle.

"So I walk up beside the bed and I can't touch her, the bed or nothing. I just said 'Belinda, I love you,'" Scott said. 

I found Ronnie June 24 in shock from what had happened. Being from White Sulphur Springs myself, I knew Ronnie, knew Belinda, knew how hard this loss would be for him and his family to overcome.

"I know she's smiling down on me all day long," Scott said. 

But sometimes in the midst of our hardest trials, we do overcome. The tree Belinda clung to for hours is now a memorial, part of Paisley Park. And Ronnie is getting ready to move into his new home in Hope Village.

"It''s a work in progress. I've been a mechanic all my life...and it's kind of hard to pick out window blinds, curtains and bedspreads. I never had to do that. That was always Belinda's department," Scott said. 

But Ronnie wasn't sure if White Sulphur Springs would ever be home again.

"Somebody told me not too long ago that you're an old White Sulphur Springs boy and you're not going to be happy anywhere else. Hey, he was right. He was really right," Scott said. 

So here we are one year later, at a place of heartbreak where Ronnie can now come to heal.

"First thing I'd do is tell her I love her and I miss her. I know one thing, she'll never be forgotten," Scott said.