Roanoke teen denied bail for violations

14-year-old charged with trying to kill her newborn baby

ROANOKE, Va. – A teenager charged with trying to kill her newborn baby has been denied bail.

The 14-year-old girl had a second bond hearing Wednesday in Roanoke after violating the terms of her initial release in February.

Investigators said she ran away from home and was found in Henrico County earlier this month. She was also reported missing from her home by her mother.

Police officers found her newborn inside a container in a home on Harrison Avenue back in January.

Several people were called as witnesses during the hearing, including a detective with the Roanoke City Police Department, who found a cellphone in the girl's possession. She was in contact with multiple people on social media during her time in Henrico County. Since she was not supposed to be on social media, she created a fake page, and said she was between the ages of 22 and 24, according to the investigator.

A senior probation officer also testified that the teen was released from her home electronic monitoring device on May 31.
She's facing several charges including attempted murder. She's also being investigated for obstructing justice.