Blacksburg businesses prepare for a busy Restaurant Week

With students home for the summer, restaurants expect to see more customers

BLACKSBURG – Blacksburg is a little quieter this summer, as many of the 25,000 undergraduate students who live on campus and in the town have moved home for summer break. In an effort to make up for fewer crowds, restaurants are offering week-long deals and new food specials as part of Blacksburg's Restaurant Week.

In all, 25 restaurants will be participating, serving everything from subs to sushi and tacos to thai food. It's a chance for people to get out and eat their favorite meal for a cheaper price or venture out and have something they've never tasted before, without breaking the bank.

Our Daily Bread will be serving a newly created steamed mussel special along with a sweet tart for dessert.

Pie Mackey, the owner of Next Door Bake Shop, Social House and Café de Bangkok, says each of her restaurants will be offering up a different special. She hopes this week gives guests the chance to taste something they've never tried before.

"we do three a three course meal at the restaurants," she says. "so people get to try an an appetizer and dessert where normally they would just come in for the entree, but never try an appetizer or dessert. We're hoping they can come out during restaurant week and will keep coming back."

It's one of the few times each year that people who live in blacksburg can head out for a meal, without having to wait a long time to get a table.

"you don't have the student crowds to compete with, you don't have the wait to compete with," says Derek Winkelman the Chef de Cuisine at Our Daily Bread. "it's really nice for people to go out with some friends and immediately be able to sit there and relax without feeling the pressure to get up and go anywhere."

For details on the restaurants participating and a list of the specials, click here.