Local Habitat for Humanity group still searching for homeowners

They've got big plans for the houses, but they still need owners

FRANKLIN COUNTY – Thousands of people across our region are on waiting lists for affordable, quality housing. Now, there are two opportunities for potential home buyers to qualify for a Habitat for Humanity build.

The Franklin County Habitat for Humanity chapter has purchased two foreclosed homes in Rocky Mount. The homes were originally purchased by the state chapter and were then handed over to the local chapter for development. Local crews already started working on the project, but now they need to find homeowners.

The president of the Franklin County chapter, Nelson Cline gave WSLS 10 a tour of the two homes, and discussed their vision for the new owners.


Cline said the crew is working to gut the homes, and soon hope to rebuild.

"We are putting all new appliances in these homes, new kitchen cabinetry along here, and there will be all new flooring throughout," Cline explained.

They've got big plans for the long vacant homes, but they are still missing the most important part; homeowners.

"It's been real difficult. We've been about a year trying to find some people qualified, who will qualify for our homes," Cline said.

Cline explains while candidates with the need are out there, those who meet all the qualifications to be have been hard to come by.

"When we are running a credit reference which we have to do to protect our investments, they just come back so low that we can't gamble with them,” Cline said.


Although it's a no-interest loan, candidates have to prove they can make payments. That’s the part Cline explains they’ve had issues with.

While the homeowner doesn't have to currently live in Franklin County, they must make an income less than 60 percent of the median income of the county.

That means for a family of four, they must make an income less than $34,800, for a family of three they must make an income less than $31,320, or for a single owner an income less than $24,360.

Although they're eager to begin, they can't start the build into a homeowner is found.

If you would like to apply to become the homeowner of one of these two homes call 540-483-8884 or email hfhfcva@gmail.com.

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