Superheroes surprise patients at Carilion Children's Hospital

Superheroes that double as window-washers met with kids in the hospital

ROANOKE, Va. – Kids at Carilion Children's Hospital got a surprise of epic proportions Thursday. 

Window washing superheroes took a break from their superhero duties and made door-to-door visits with children at the hospital.

Scotty's Window Washing is a company that travels along the east coast for projects, but this was the first time workers got into costume. After the visits, they took the plunge, scaling off the helicopter pad to wash the windows and made sure patients got a nice view.

"Some kids get a lot of visitors, others don't. And a visit from a superhero has an image of strength and wellbeing and health and the kids need that," said Michael Bradham, a window washer. 

Roanoke Carilion staff said they hope to bring back the superheroes in the future.