Roanoke Fire EMS deliver cupcakes to child after putting out house fire

Roanoke Fire EMS made a difference in the midst of the chaos

ROANOKE, Va – A Roanoke house fire brings a little girl's birthday celebration to a grinding halt, but Roanoke Fire EMS made a difference in the midst of the chaos.

The Turnbull family was having a 10th birthday party for daughter Rachael when fire investigators say a plugged in coffee pot shorted, sparking the flames.

When firefighters arrived and got the fire out they realized what had been going on before the fire started.

The firefighters pulled some money together and made a cupcake run for Rachael.

“It pulled on our heartstrings. We're here to help out, we did what we were supposed to do and the innocence of the kids gets to us. I realize hey, we're in the spot where we can help them out, trying to brighten their day after this emergency that they had,” explained Captain Tom Gherman, Roanoke Fire EMS.

The Turnbulls are still a little shaken up seeing their home in flames, but thankful for firefighters who protect not just their house, but children as well.

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