Nearly 20 people to lose jobs as Roanoke Gas outsources customer service operations

Roanoke Gas Company to transition customer support to Faneuil


ROANOKE, Va. – The Roanoke Gas Company will transition all customer-support services to Faneuil Inc. starting July 21. 

As a result of the change, Roanoke Gas' customer-service operations on Kimball Avenue will close, causing 18 employees to lose their jobs. Roanoke Gas will provide severance packages and job-placement support for those affected.

Customers who call or make payments online or by mail will not be affected by the transition.

Customers who have traditionally paid their gas bill in-person at Kimball Avenue will be advised of the various payment options available.

Faneuil, which is headquartered in Hampton, Virginia, has been providing customer support on behalf of government and commercial organizations nationwide for more than two decades.

Roanoke Gas Company will continue to receive payments by mail, at walk-in locations operated by partnering organizations, and online at www.roanokegas.com