Downtown parking fines for Christiansburg increasing this summer

Fines to increase by $15


CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. – Staying past your parking time limit in a New River Valley town is getting more expensive this weekend.

The Christiansburg Town Council voted Tuesday to increase downtown parking fines from $10 to $25.

The mayor says if you get three tickets in a seven-day period, the fourth parking ticket will cost you $100.
Mayor Michael Barber says the changes are designed to get people to use the courthouse parking lot.

"We have a lot of people that will park out front in our limited parking areas here. particularly into the courthouse to stay all day. We got two or three retail businesses that operate and when parking places are full, they lose business," Barber said. 

If you already have a parking ticket when the officer comes back around, it's possible you will get more fines until your car is moved.

The increased parking fines go into effect Saturday.