Gillespie proposes expanding fireworks sales in Virginia by next Fourth of July

Gillespie proposes legalizing consumer-grade fireworks by Fourth of July in 2018

Credit: Ed Gillespie for Governor
Credit: Ed Gillespie for Governor

RICHMOND, Va. – Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie is proposing to legalize the use and purchase of consumer-grade fireworks in Virginia by July 4, 2018.

He believes that legalizing consumer-grade fireworks will generate thousands of jobs and would add millions annually in tax revenue.

In the past five years, New York, Maine, Georgia and West Virginia have all legalized consumer-grade fireworks, according to Gillespie.

"We need to be looking for every possible way we can grow our economy, create good jobs and give Virginians more personal freedom along the way," said Gillespie.

Currently, Virginians are limited to purchasing novelty fireworks such as sparklers, fountains, snakes and other non-aerial fireworks.

Gillespie's proposal would allow for the purchase of higher-grade, aerial fireworks such as bottle rockets, Roman candles, and more. 

WSLS 10 reached out to democratic gubernatorial candidate Dr. Ralph Northam, and received this response:  

"Dr. Northam likes fireworks as much as anyone, but he also wants to make sure you can afford health care in case you accidentally blow your hand off with one. We'd like to know if Ed believes the Republicans' healthcare plans will actually allow for that," said Northam's press secretary Ofirah Yheskel.