Roanoke woman wins $100,000 prize 12 times in same drawing, total of $1.2 million

The winning numbers were 7-11-13-14-29

Credit: Virginia Lottery
Credit: Virginia Lottery

ROANOKE, Va. – What happens when you buy 12 lottery tickets with the same numbers and those numbers happen to be the winner? Well, you win 12 times the prize you would have won.

That's how Roanoke's Bonnie McNew won $1.2 million playing the Virginia Lottery.

When she received the phone call from her husband saying she’d matched all five numbers in the Cash 5 game, winning $100,000 per ticket, she didn’t believe him at first.

She bought all 12 plays for the June 30 day drawing at Bluehurst LLC, located at 10761 West Lynchburg Salem Turnpike in Montvale.

The winning numbers were 7-11-13-14-29. She selected those numbers using family birthdays.

McNew has no immediate plans for the winnings, except to save towards retirement.

The chances of winning the $100,000 top prize are 1 in 278,256.


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