James River busy with kayakers on Independence Day

Twin River Outfitters open for business

BUCHANAN, Va. – More than 200 people spent their Fourth of July on the James River. Many of those people rented their boats through Twin River Outfitters in Buchanan.

"With our reservation system we know how many boats we need," John Mays said. 
But just two months ago, the place was almost deserted and Twin River was closed.
Flooding and high river levels on Memorial Day forced the business to shut down for almost a week. But things have changed.
"The river has gone down to about a really good levels now and so ever since June on we have been able to run trips. So it really picked up substantially," Mays said.

And for Virginia Tech student Michelle Kemble hanging out on the river with friends is a great escape.

"It was just really fun and peaceful. It was only 20 bucks. And it's just something fun to do. You're hot and you need to cool down. Just float for an hour and I have to worry about anything," Kemble said.

Many river access areas like Springwood were full  with people enjoying the water.

Twin River says it had its first boat drop at 7 a.m, about two hours before its normal opening time.
They are hoping the weather and the business stays like this in order to make up for a slow start to summer.

If the weather continues to cooperate, the Twin River Outfitters say it will continue to stay open seven days a week through October.