Blacksburg fireworks could move next year

The Old Blacksburg Highschool is the current site, but is bering sold

BLACKSBURG, Va. – Pops of color filled the sky Tuesday night as places across the area celebrated the Fourth of July, but one fireworks show in Blacksburg might have gone out with its final bang. The fireworks can be seen from the Old Blacksburg High School, a building that's in the process of being sold to the company H.S. Development for just over $3 million.

It's a show that has been held here for dozens of years and attracts thousands of spectators. Nothing is set in stone yet and the county may still be able to work out a deal with the developer to keep the show at the location, but some of the pyrotechnicians who have been lighting these fireworks for more than 20 years say it would be hard to beat this spot.

"It's a special place for us and we love coming here. And it's an ideal place to shoot fireworks. You have people on three sides of you who can see it very well," said pyrotechnician Gerry Pucket.

For many who live near the old high school, the show is also a convenient walk down to a party with music where they can go to watch the fireworks every year. Bennie Agnew says he's been doing that since he moved to Blacksburg in 1992.

"It's been nice just to see a little crack and boom and flash in the sky. It'd be missed quite a bit," said Agnew.

Agnew says in addition to the fireworks, neighbors are concerned about what type of development the land will ultimately become. 

The decision for the show's location will be made after the sale of the old high school is finalized.