What's News Today for Thursday, June 6, 2017

News and events happening around the area


Roanoke – Virginia is scheduled to execute 35-year-old William Morva for the killings of a hospital security guard and a sheriff's deputy, unless the governor intervenes. Recent changes to the state's protocol means that if Morva is executed, he would remain shielded from the view of his attorney and media witnesses until after he has been restrained and IV lines have been inserted.

The Roanoke Peacemakers have a new van to combat violent crime by driving through high crime areas. It was refurbished by Cuz's auto repair shop and will be unveiled this morning. The Peacemakers is a non profit organization that is trained in conflict resolution, first aid, CPR and self defense. This van was donated to them by Goodwill Industries.

The Campbell County Board of Supervisors meets this afternoon. On the agenda is the proposed legislative agenda for the General Assembly. Nothing on last year's list was addressed. Also on the agenda is a request by the Industrial Development Authority to build in the Seneca Commerce Park. They want a 10,000 square foot building and say there have been several requests for a building of that size. A Tobacco Commission grant will pay up to half of the project.

A group of children from New York City come to Lynchburg today. They will spend one to two weeks with families in Forest in Lynchburg as part of the Fresh Air Fund. The group ranges in age from seven to 18-years old. They leave behind the city to run barefoot in the grass or see the stars at night. Some children are leaving home for the first time, while others are returning to visit the same host families for consecutive summers. Each summer, thousands of children visit volunteer host families in rural, suburban and small town communities along the East Coast and Southern Canada through The Fresh Air Fund's Friendly Towns Program.

Preserve Floyd will attend the Floyd Town Council meeting to determine if Mayor Will Griffin will sign the "Mayors' National Climate Action Agenda." A petition was circulated in May and June asking for Mayor Griffin to join the "Climate Mayor's Movement" and to provide: "community protection from the devastating effects of climate crisis, including extreme weather and damaging fluctuations in temperature and rainfall." Preserve Floyd says more than 300 mayors have joined on.