Glade Creek Greenway opens to public

The Vinton portion of the greenway connects to Roanoke trail system.

VINTON, Va. – Phase one of the Glade Creek Greenway in Vinton is officially open.

The new trail is the first paved greenway for the town and connects to the greater Roanoke Valley greenway system.

 The project's first leg is between Virginia Ave. and Walnut Ave. Funding for the trail has been provided by the Virginia Department of Transportation. 

Town leaders say the trail has been a long process, but worth all the hard work.

"It's just been a real thrill to see how the entire system has expanded over these 20 years. I think it's a real addition to our valley, to the quality of life here in the Roanoke Valley," said Brad Grose, mayor of Vinton. 

"We started slow, but being a small locality we do not have a lot of capital, so it takes a lot of partners from other organizations to have us put this greenway together," said Anita McMillan, planning and zoning director for the town of Vinton. 

The next section of the Glade Creek Greenway will extend from Walnut Ave. to Gus Nicks Boulevard. Town leaders say construction on that portion should begin next summer.