Martinsville SPCA taking new step to help get strays adopted, reclaimed

SPCA is running out of room to rescue strays from local pounds

MARTINSVILLE, Va. – The SPCA of Martinsville-Henry County is taking a new step to try to reduce the number of stray pets it currently has.

Pictures of the strays will now be posted twice a week on the organization's Facebook page in the hopes that they'll either get adopted or reclaimed by their owner.

The SPCA has been taking in an increasing number of strays throughout the year from the Martinsville and Henry County pounds.

Now, they're running out of room and both pounds are at capacity.

If the SPCA has no room, the pets will have to go somewhere else or stay at the pound where they may be euthanized.

"When (the shelter) is full and we're not facilitating adoptions, we can't facilitate rescues for these animals, these long term residents. What, unfortunately, will happen will be euthanasia," said SPCA executive director Nichole Harris.

Harris also emphasized that if someone abandoned their pet because they could no longer take care of it, the SPCA has ways to help if the owner is willing to reclaim the pet.

"If you're having trouble feeding your animal, we have a food bank that we will help with. If you have wellness services, we have a wellness clinic; spay and neuter services, microchip services."

Since the pictures were first posted Monday, one owner has already notified the SPCA that one of the dogs pictured belongs to her.

As of Tuesday morning, however, the had not yet reclaimed the dog.



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