First cohousing community to come to Roanoke

SpiritServ is for seniors wanting smaller property with a close-knit community.

ROANOKE, Va. – A new cohousing community for seniors is coming to Roanoke.

This northwest Roanoke property is the future site of the SpiritServ cohousing community. Cohousing is a new idea here in the Roanoke valley. It's all about living within your means and needs, and having a close-knit community of people with similar lifestyles.

"It makes sense to downsize while you're still active because once you go into co-housing most people go into cohousing and stay there the rest of their lives," said Paul Wyar, managing member of SpiritServ.

SpiritServ is the brainchild of retiree Paul Wyar. In 2013, he saw a similar cohousing complex in Abingdon and was immediately on board. From there, he started looking for other cohousing cohorts and found Maureen Aaron.

"Like a lot of older people living alone, I have far too much house than I need and likewise, far too much stuff," said Aaron. 

The SpiritServ community will have 30 private units, as well as a common house where residents can mingle and visitors can have a private place to stay.

"It's better to give than to receive and the idea of being able to help someone who's a little more needy than I , physically or spiritually, is extremely appealing and I hope there are many people who feel the same way," said Aaron. 

Wyar shares that hope. The property will begin taking shape at the end of 2017, and he has some goals to meet before then.

"We're trying to get the last 14 homebuyers to buy in, to see the vision and want to come join us," said Wyar. 

Residents of the SpiritServ community will also share utilities through their HOA fee, making monthly payments less expensive.

To learn more about SpiritServ, click here.