Progress being made to determine next FBO manager at Danville Regional Airport

Current manager, Averett University, to work on transition plan

DANVILLE, Va. – Averett University is one step closer to potentially managing the fixed-base operations at Danville Regional Airport.

The school, which has offered to take the job, and the current operator, General Aviation, now have two months to try to come up with a transition plan for Averett to take over.

A special committee made that decision Tuesday night.

The committee, made up of two members of city council and three members of the general public, was formed earlier this year to determine what would be best for the city in regards to fixed-base operations at the airport.

 "We believe the sooner we can get to an agreement, a hopeful agreement, then the better for everybody that's involved regardless of what the timing of any transition or any agreement steps would be," said Averett Business and Finance vice president Aaron Howell.

 "We'd still like to have a five-year lease and maybe at the end of the fourth year we work with Averett and try to make a smooth transition," said Elizabeth Rembold, who owns General Aviation with her husband.

If the special committee approves the transition plan, the plan will be sent to city council for final approval.

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