Roanoke community expresses concern about pipeline's potential impact on drinking water

Delegate Sam Rasoul is asking for more research on Mountain Valley Pipeline.

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ROANOKE, Va. – There are growing concerns in the Roanoke area about the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

"The water source is what makes our beer, our beer," said Mike Pensinger, brewmaster for Parkway Brewing Company. 

Pensinger is concerned that the Mountain Valley Pipeline will change the water, causing erosion issues and heightening contamination risks that could have a ripple effect on his business.

"We need to make sure that our sources are protected. We can't make beer without water," said Pensinger. 

Virginia Delegate Sam Rasoul, who represents the 11th district, shares that concern.

"We have an economy that is growing, not only by the businesses that are coming in and depending on the water, but also we want to build a recreational brand and the Roanoke River is a key part of that," said Rasoul, 11th district. 

On Tuesday, Rasoul spoke out about his fears. The proposed 301-mile pipeline would carry natural gas through West Virginia and Virginia, including parts of southwest Virginia. Rasoul says more in-depth research is needed on how the pipeline and its construction will affect the water.

"All public hearings and public comment hearings should be suspended indefinitely until we have all the information of the potential impact on our drinking water," said Rasoul.