Layoffs could be coming for some Telvista employees

Company not saying how many could be laid off

DANVILLE, Va. – Site Director Lisa wallace said in a statement Friday that a reduction in a customer's business needs could lead the call center to lay off some employees.

Danville Councilman, Dr. Gary Miller, said naturally the news is concerning to council members.

"Any time any business lays off employees, it's a concern to council," Miller said.

Last June, the company announced it was adding 150 new jobs because of a new customer.

Danville Councilman James Buckner agreed with Miller.

"Any time one of our citizens or anybody in the community has the potential of getting laid off, it does concern us all, absolutely," Buckner said.

How many employees could be let go and when were not included in the company's statement Friday.

Full statement:

"An unexpected reduction in one of our customer's business needs will affect our operations in Danville. We recognize that this news is difficult for employees, their families and the community. Telvista is diligently working with its internal team and local agencies to ease the impact of this customer decision."

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