One-of-a-kind fossils go on display for first time at Virginia Museum of Natural History

Fossils evidence of fight between live Triceratops and T. rex

One-of-a-kind fossils never before on display for the public are now being displayed at the Virginia Museum of Natural History.

The fossils are from a Triceratops and have bite marks from a T. rex.

What makes these fossils unique is there is evidence of regrowth, which means the T. rex bit the Triceratops while the Triceratops was still alive.

This suggests that T. rexes may not have been only scavengers as scientists believe.

"This is very good evidence that (the T-Rex) was actually (attacking) something very, very large; attempting to attack something," said VMNH Assistant Curator of Paleontology Dr. Alex Hastings.

The fossils are the only such fossils known to exist and were put on display as part of the museum's Dino Festival, which started Friday.

They will be on display for a year.


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