Investigation continues into stolen guns

Police find getaway car, offer a reward

CAMPBELL COUNTY, Va. – An investigation continues this week after thieves stole guns early Thursday morning from a store in Campbell County. Law enforcement officers have linked the suspects to a stolen vehicle.

Surveillance video shows four suspects getting past a metal fence and breaking in by taking a sledgehammer and breaking through the glass door at the Lynchburg Arms and Indoor Shooting Range. It took them just seconds to get in and get out.

The sheriff’s office says they took more than 20 guns, including both handguns and rifles.

Deputies say the suspects’ getaway car was stolen two days earlier. It was found later that day in Lynchburg, near where it was taken.

A worker at the store says he hopes "they find something out soon.”

“We’ve located evidence that leads us to believe that vehicle was involved in the burglary," said Maj. L.T. Guthrie, chief deputy at the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office.

It was a burgundy Dodge Caravan, stolen two days earlier. Guthrie says that would point to the suspects being from the area but they’re not sure about that. He says people are taking notice of the crime.

“I think probably it could put the citizens on high alert when an abnormal amount of guns are introduced to the street at one time," he said.

And he says the thieves could definitely try to sell them.

“Those items are probably easy to move," he said.

Guthrie says stolen guns are often found, using the serial numbers, and anyone wanting to buy a used gun can check with the office to make sure it’s legitimate.

The Sheriff’s Office says it has not seen a theft case with this many guns any time recently.

There’s a $5,000 reward for helpful information in the case. Anyone with information can call the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office or Lynchburg police.