Mural bringing peace, unity to Danville

Mural at Cardinal Village just completed

DANVILLE, Va. – A Danville youth center director says a new mural is helping bring peace and positivity to the city.

The mural, which has just been completed, is at the Cardinal Village housing community.

Over 300 volunteers from multiple states helped paint it over the past three months.

Constance Covington, the director of the Constance "Grandma" Covington Youth Center at Cardinal Village came up with the idea after seeing how similar murals in Arlington made a positive impact there.

 "According to the (Danville) Police Department," said Covington, "this zone that we're in, the crime rate has considerably dropped."

"Once we painted this wall blue, it was a difference. There are individuals who come up this street all day long and they will stop so they can look at the wall. It's brought about a sense of unity and peace," she said.

According to Covington, the mural tells a story. Each animal in the mural highlights an important quality in life. For example, the butterflies represent the fact that no two human beings are exactly alike, just as no two butterflies are exactly alike.

The elephants represent family and sticking together to help one another. The turtle represents the importance of sometimes slowing down and not getting in a hurry.

A grant from the Danville Regional Foundation paid for the mural.

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