After seeing WSLS 10 story, contractor builds bridge for Christiansburg woman in need

Mollie Neice struggled to get in and out of her house safely without bridge.

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. – A nearly 90-year-old Christiansburg woman can now safely get in and out of her home, thanks to a WSLS 10 viewer.

Last week, we brought you the story of Mollie Neice, who had to walk nearly three football fields with a cane to get home after her footbridge washed out. A Roanoke-area contractor saw our story and wanted to help. 

When we met 87-year-old Mollie, she was struggling to get in and out of her home. With train tracks in the front and a creek in the back, her path was pretty tough. But things have changed, Randall Jenkins, a local contractor stepped up to help.

"It kind of got to me, seeing this little old lady having to walk like 300 yards to get in her car since where she'd been parking the railroad said she couldn't do it anymore. And no 87 year old woman should have to walk that far," said Randall, with Affordable Measures Home Improvements. 

He is hard at work on Mollie's new footbridge right behind her house. As an 87-year-old on a fixed income, Mollie knew paying for a bridge herself simply wasn't an option.

"I couldn't do it honey. I couldn't start paying for it. I don't have any money left when I get my check and I got no more money coming in," said Mollie. 

Mollie's determination to make it in and out of her home, crossing fields and a far-away footbridge was amazing to see. Today, an act of kindness under construction for a woman filled with gratitude.

"It's 100 percent to me, honey. I tell you, it will tickle me to death when he gets done," said Mollie. 

The local Home Depot has donated nearly $800 of building supplies to help affordable measures complete this labor of love.

"It makes me feel good. I'm glad I could do it for her. Like I said, no elderly person should have to walk that far especially with bad knees and legs. I'm just glad I could help," said Randall. 

And Randall can breathe easy because this footbridge is now officially Mollie-approved.