Virginia woman receives milkshake from Ohio restaurant as dying wish

Restaurant worked with UPS to ship the milkshake


CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio – An Ohio restaurant fulfilled a dying woman's wish by sending her favorite milkshake to her in Virginia.

One day, Tommy Fello, the owner of Tommy's, a restaurant in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, received a call from a long-time customer who said his friend, a Cleveland Heights native, was in need of a mocha milkshake.

But there was one only problem, Emily Pomeranz was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and lived in a hospice in Arlington, Virginia.

So to honor her dying wish, Fello shipped a carefully packaged mocha shake to Pomeranz.

"It's like a blessing. I love to be a part of it and I'm happy that it happened," Fello said.

Pomeranz died a couple weeks later, but not before that milkshake could bring one last smile to her face and everyone around her.