Back to school shopping on a budget at Roanoke Valley Goodwill stores

Shopping at Goodwill during Tax Free Weekend can help shoppers stack savings

ROANOKE, Va. – It's back to school shopping season and families are expected to spend more this year. The National Retail Federation estimates families will spend more than $680 on each child.

This weekend the deals will be sweetened by tax-free shopping on clothes and shoes of less than $100 per item.

With families expected to spend between $200 to $400 on clothes for each child, buying during the tax-free weekend can help, but the break from taxes isn't always enough. That's why Goodwill stores across the Roanoke Valley encourage parents to shop at their stores this weekend.

Kelly Sandridge, the VP of marketing and Public Relations for the stores, says families can find back to school outfits at Goodwill that parents can afford and kids will be excited to wear.

"They can truly shop for unique finds at Goodwill," she says. "They can have their own style and they won't see their friends wearing the same thing."

Kids clothes are $1.99 for shirts and pants. For adults, prices range from $3.79 to $6 or $10, making it easy to put an entire outfit together for less than $20.

"Keep in mind, every store has a little bit of a different personality," explains Sandridge. "If you've shopped at one Goodwill, you've really only shopped at one Goodwill. People often only donate near their neighborhood. If you've shopped at the store in Hollins, check out the one in Cave Spring, check out the one on Melrose. There are lots of different things in each store."

All qualifying clothing items will be tax free. In all, there are 10 Goodwill stores throughout the Roanoke Valley.