Governor McAuliffe recognizes the Blue Ridge Fudge Lady in Pulaski

Blue Ridge Fudge Lady was recognized in Virginia Business Spotlight


A Pulaski business owner and Navy veteran is getting a shout out from the Governor of Virginia for her baking skills in the business world. The Blue Ridge Fudge Lady was recognized on social media as this week's Virginia Business Spotlight on the Governor of Virginia's facebook page.

Who is the Blue Ridge Fudge Lady, you ask? Robin Burdette of Pulaski. Robin started the business in 2014. The popular business was touted by the Governor for being not only a successful small business, but also employing six people and helping the local economy. Gov. Terry McAuliffe said he especially liked the fact that Burdette served in the Navy.

McAuliffe also had some fun with the video he made to make the announcement.

“I’ll be honest with you, you don’t get a body like this easy. This is a lot of work,” McAuliffe joked. “It’s not like I’m eating fudge every day, but when I do decide I’m going to have some fudge, only one place to go in Pulaski. I’m going to the Blue Ridge Fudge Lady.”

McAuliffe mentions Burdette's ice cream, chocolate and of course her locally famous fudge. The Governor went on to add that Burdette excels as a business leader for her engagement on social media and with the community in person at civic events.

To try her delicious fudge the governor keeps talking about, click here. Nominations for the recognition can be sent to the Governor through his website.

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