Experts around region discuss how to end homelessness at Salem Civic Center

Experts around region discuss solutions at Salem Civic Center

SALEM, Va. – Experts from all over the region came together at the Salem Civic Center to discuss solutions on how to end homelessness in our community.


Speakers discussed topics like constructive alternatives to the criminalization of the homeless, and examined the challenges and gaps in our current shelter system.


Veronica Garcia, who is currently a family support counselor at Total Action for Progress shared her story as a former homeless person in the community. 


"The other thing I also said was you shouldn't treat people like a cookie-cutter. Not everyone is the same so talking and expressing the needs of every person will be different," said Veronica Garcia, family support counselor at Total Action for Progress.


"The truth is the only way to end homelessness is to house people permanently. That's the only outcome that I care about," said Linda Kaufman, member at Community Solutions.


Kaufman was one of several advocates who traveled from out of town for this event.