It's National Purple Heart Day

Lynchburg Purple Heart veterans honor one another

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Today is National Purple Heart Day.

In Lynchburg, nearly a dozen Purple Heart recipients gathered at Monument Terrace to honor one another.

Organizers laid a wreath at the doughboy statue to honor the fallen and those who are lucky to still be around including the youngest veteran to serve in war, up to the oldest veteran who fought in World War II.

“The mere factor that I'm able to be here amongst people who went through the same sort of things that I did in different times of their life. And it’s meaningful that I could still make it,” Seymour Woodnick, who served in WWII, said.

“It's important that each generation of veterans recognize the value that the previous generations and the future generations of veterans are out there serving today. You know every generation of veterans is important,” Gary Whitt, commander of The Military Order of the Purple Heart, Lynchburg,  #1607 said.

Organizers say residents will notice purple lights lit at Liberty University, and at the bank of the James Building in honor of Purple Heart recipients. 

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