Lynchburg City to kick-off Downtown 2040 Master Plan tomorrow

City officials will propose 20-year plan and needs the communities help

LYNCHBURG, Va. – The city of Lynchburg is looking towards the future. The Hill City is starting a Downtown 2040 Kickoff tomorrow and wants the community's feedback. City officials want to use this time to propose a 20-year development plan, and will need the communities help."

Driving in downtown Lynchburg could be pain for some. I will like the finished look a whole lot better than now. It's a little difficult getting around but it’s OK,” said Nicholas Ferguson who lives in Lynchburg.
But, the changes happening here are benefiting the local community; however, the people who live here would like to see a little more.  "A civilization is judged on its art, and its artists and its creative ability. So just wanna see the area explore and get a little more creative side,” Ferguson said. 

The city adopted the ‘Downtown and Riverfront Master Plan’ back in 2001. They say they've seen success there, and they want the rest of the city to see the same level of accomplishment. “It's one thing on what staff thinks. But to have a community driven plan, which is what is so important is for us to understand what the community wants. We need their input,” Tom Martin, Lynchburg city planner, said.

Today, drivers will see electronic signs promoting a public meeting for Wednesday, 6 p.m. at the Academy Center of Arts. “There will be a kick off will be a kick off session for the downtown master plan update. That will start with start with a speaker Ms. Melody Warnick who’s written a book on loving the place you live,” Martin said.

On Thursday, the city will hold listening sessions with community members, and by the end of August they plan to have open houses on design ideas. “I'm just glad that Lynchburg is building and developing. This is my hometown. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else other than here. I'm just glad that we're working on it and hope to see a brighter future for Lynchburg,” Martin said.

City officials hope to have the plan completed by the end of the year.

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