Danville Boys and Girls Club studying possibility of new program in Pittsylvania County

Program would be held at Mt. Airy Elementary in Gretna

DANVILLE, Va. – The Danville Boys and Girls Club is looking for feedback about a potential before-and after-school program in Gretna.

County supervisors would like to have the club start a program at Mt. Airy Elementary School.

Before the club commits to a program though, a study needs to be conducted to find out what people want and if people in Gretna have enough money to fund a program.

County supervisors have given the club approval to conduct a study.

Faith Stamps, the club's executive director, plans to send out questionnaires next week to families of students at Mt. Airy.

"We have a questionnaire of about 12 different questions centered around time that would work best for parents, especially in the morning," Stamps said.

The questionnaire will also be available on the club's website once they are mailed out.

She hopes to be able to have the results back within a week.

Once the responses to the questionnaire have been returned, they will be presented to the Pittsylvania County Superintendent, the school's principal, the Pittsylvania County school board, and the Danville Boys and Girls Club's board of directors.

After that, town hall meetings would likely be scheduled in and around Gretna.


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