West End Center kids took their first 'swing' at baseball

Local teen athletes introduce baseball to West End Center kids

ROANOKE, Va. – Many of us know baseball as America's pastime.

But for most of the kids at West End Center in Roanoke, taking a swing at a baseball was a novelty.

“This is my first time playing baseball. It's really fun,” said Seth, 9, of West End Center.

After one day, Seth already wants to hit a grand slam.

"Now I want to be on a baseball team through my high school years. I will probably make it to college. Then I will probably make it to the pros,” said Seth.

This baseball extravaganza is all thanks to a group of high school baseball players who decided to bring the All-American sport to the West End Center after hearing that most of the kids have never played before.

“It like blew my mind because this is a whole sport that they may love and they may not have any idea that they love it,” said Analee Huber, a student athlete at William Bird High School who organized Wednesday's game.

“It's special because I get to play with the high school real team,” Seth said.

It wasn't just the boys who got excited.

“This is my first time doing baseball and softball. I’m happy because they took time out of there day,” said Zaniyah, 10, of West End Center.

"These kids are trying things they never got to try before and it's running really smoothly,” said Mckinley Forrest, nutritional coordinator at West End Center.

Huber says she hopes to return with her fellow high school athletes for another ball game with the kids.