West End Center kids took their first 'swing' at baseball

Local teen athletes introduce baseball to West End Center kids

ROANOKE, Va. – Many of us know baseball as America's pastime.

But for most of the kids at West End Center in Roanoke, taking a swing at a baseball was a novelty.

“This is my first time playing baseball. It's really fun,” said Seth, 9, of West End Center.

After one day, Seth already wants to hit a grand slam.

"Now I want to be on a baseball team through my high school years. I will probably make it to college. Then I will probably make it to the pros,” said Seth.

This baseball extravaganza is all thanks to a group of high school baseball players who decided to bring the All-American sport to the West End Center after hearing that most of the kids have never played before.

“It like blew my mind because this is a whole sport that they may love and they may not have any idea that they love it,” said Analee Huber, a student athlete at William Bird High School who organized Wednesday's game.

“It's special because I get to play with the high school real team,” Seth said.