Traveling observatory Slooh makes a stop in Roanoke

Slooh is promoting their online viewing party of the solar eclipse

ROANOKE, Va. – Spreading excitement about the upcoming solar eclipse, the company behind a popular robotic telescope makes a stop in the Star City during its cross-country journey.
The company known as Slooh brought its traveling observatory to Roanoke.
Two of their astronomers are traveling from their headquarters in Connecticut, making stops along the way to Idaho where they will host a viewing party for the eclipse.

Michael Paolucci, founder of Slooh, says the importance of the party goes far beyond the stars.

“Well we think it's important to bring people together to celebrate our humanity, the idea that this is about communal exploration of the universe. People are looking together at space, and sharing their ideas. It's the type of thing that makes people wonder about our place as humans in the cosmos,” Paolucci said.
Slooh will be livestreaming the event.


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