Virginia teen in deadly DUI crash sentenced to six years

NBC 12 reports that a teen who pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter in a deadly crash in Hanover County was sentenced on Thursday.

Seth Fleming was sentenced to 20 years with 14 suspended. He will serve an active sentence of six years.

The judge deviated from the sentencing guidelines that suggested Fleming spend 0-6 months behind bars. She said Fleming's actions as a minor, drinking and driving the night of the crash, and using drugs while out on bond, played a factor in the decision.

Fleming was behind the wheel when his car crashed on Cold Harbor Road on April 23, 2016. The crash killed two of his friends: 17-year-old Dylan Ballard and 22-year-old Elliot Hinton. Fleming pleaded guilty to two counts of involuntary manslaughter in the case.

According to Commonwealth’s Attorney Steve Royalty, on the night of the fatal crash, Fleming raced down Cold Harbor Road, with two witnesses saying his truck reached upwards of 70 mph. Fleming's truck then slammed into a tree.

Fleming and three other passengers were seriously injured and taken to VCU. Royalty said Hinton and Ballard died "within seconds" of the crash, and both young men had blunt force head injuries, as well as compound fractures to their legs, arms and hip.

Blood drawn from Fleming an hour after the wreck showed his BAC to be between a .069 and .072 percent.

His lawyer, Carl Whitmeyer, says Fleming has grown and matured in the seven months he has been in the Pamunkey Regional Jail.

Fleming told the court he is sorry for what he has done, asking for forgiveness, hoping one day he can "make something of himself," and make his family proud. Fleming is currently in AA and also says he wants to continue therapy.

The judge ordered Fleming to pay restitution, $35,000 for the funeral costs for Hinton and Ballard. 

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