Miss Virginia Pageant is moving to Lynchburg

Miss Virginia reps and LU to announce future of pageant Thursday

LYNCHBURG, Va. – The Miss Virginia Pageant has found a new home. After being in Roanoke for more than 50 years, the pageant is moving to Lynchburg. 

The city says it is thrilled to have the annual event hosted in there. Miss Virginia and Liberty University are expected to be partners at this new location.This isn't the first time Lynchburg has gained such a high-profile event. Earlier this year, the Hill City hosted the Commonwealth Games, which used to be held in Roanoke. In 2019, the State of America Games will also come to Lynchburg. The new events are connected to Liberty University's progress and developments. 

City officials say there is a five-year contract between the university and pageant officials. They say this gives them enough time to plan ahead when looking at the economic impact. 

"For us it's really about really recognizing and capitalizing on our assets-- Liberty and its ability to sort of have that reach and bring people into their campus. That's a tourism asset for us too because folks coming to that facility spend dollars in the community," Anna Bentson, assistant director of economic development and tourism, said.

Liberty University has yet to confirm the new partnership, but will hold a press conference on Thursday with Miss Virginia Pageant officials. 


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