God's Pit Crew sending supplies to help victims of Hurricane Harvey

Two truckloads of supplies left organization's warehouse Friday


DANVILLE, Va.God's Pit Crew is sending relief to Texas to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.

The Danville-based nonprofit loaded around 1,500 Blessing Buckets onto a semitruck Friday morning.

The buckets are full of things like non-perishable food items and toiletries.

Each bucket will serve as a disaster relief kit for one person.

A second truck was loaded up with water and food.

The trucks will go to a church in Houston, which will distribute the supplies as needed.

"I expect these two trucks, if the storm does what they say it's going to, will probably be just the first of many trucks that will need to go," said God's Pit Crew CEO Randy Johnson.

Because of this, God's Pit Crew is now in need of donations to restock its shelves.

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