VT Moss Arts Center hosts "Goat Yoga" sessions

Students and community members hit the mat while goats grazed.


BLACKSBURG, Va. – Goats invaded Virginia Tech's campus Thursday ...for a yoga session.

The Moss Arts Center hosted "Goat Yoga." Students and community members hit the mat while goats grazed on the grass and food nearby.

The Blacksburg Yoga Collective and Hoof Hearted Farm offered two free sessions to nearly 300 people. About a dozen goats joined in on the fun.

"We wanted to do something that was fun and free and outdoors to welcome back our students and to have community members come out as well and take part in this," said Ruth Waalkes, executive director of Moss Arts Center. 

"My sister sent me an invite on Facebook because she's obsessed with goats, so somehow this made it on her page, and so I have to do it for her," said Raquel Ferra, a freshman at Virginia Tech. 

"I just saw that it said goat yoga and I had seen all these videos about goats standing on people and it looked really cool," said Holly Settles, a freshman at Virginia Tech. 

This is the first time the arts center has hosted goat yoga sessions, but the Blacksburg Yoga Collective typically hosts them a couple of times a month.