Lynchburg police, community leaders knock on doors to help fight crime

LPD says they've seen increase in street-level drug sales on Cambell and Amherst


LYNCHBURG, Va. – Lynchburg police and community leaders are trying to strengthen their presence in the community. On Tuesday, they went knocking on doors in areas where they've seen an increase in criminal activities.

Lynchburg pastors, community leaders and police have said it’s enough.

"We, as a bunch of the clergy, (and) Police Department started to come through and say, 'Hey man, let's make a difference, let's change this thing,’” James Camm, pastor and director of One Voice One Community, said to a resident.

One knock at a time, Lynchburg police and One Voice One Community memebers went door to door to let people living on Cabell street know they're neighborhood will feel safe again.

“We coming together to just let everybody know that there's been some drug dealing down here, and it's been a lot of complaints to the Police Department about it,” Camm said. “There's been some shootings around Rivermount. That's not, that's not. Look at those babies. They don't deserve that."

From Jan. 1 to July 31 Lynchburg police say they've seen an increase of street-level drug sales, disorderliness, alcohol violations and robbery.

“Just reach out to the community, basically, let them know we're out there. We care we're gonna stand with them. As one cohort unit to address the crime in the area,” Lynchburg police Sgt. Jeff Rater said.

Knocking on doors is just the beginning of their action plan to fight the crime.

"The shooting and things of that nature. We got to stop that. We need your help. Especially you being a young man. We feel like you got a choice to change some of that stuff,” Camm told a teenage boy.

Not everyone was open to their presence, “He said, 'No he's not interested,’” Camm said. But for the group members that didn't matter. As long as their footprints and message were clear.

“The most important thing is follow up. I think that we need to continue this and the Police Department really, really needs to start canvassing and ensure we get the undesirables,” Camm said.


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