TSA installs new checkpoint screening technology at Lynchburg Regional Airport

New advanced image technology gives a cookie cutting image of the passenger


LYNCHBURG, Va. – Passengers flying out of Lynchburg Regional Airport could feel a lot safer after today.

The Transportation Security Administration has installed the latest checkpoint screening technology equipment. Security officials say the airport did not have this device before. TSA says, the new advanced image technology gives a "cookie cutter" image of the passenger.  As they walk through, they're scanned, and if a yellow box appears the TSA officer will pat down that specific area as a precaution. Officials say the device can also detect  non-metallic threats.

"We do know that the enemy is very determined and they're very focused on aviation, and so anything we can do to enhance security to make sure people will get to their destinations and get home safely, that's what it’s all about,” Lisa Farbstein, spokesperson for TSA, said.

If the machine detects no threats a green screen appears and the passenger is told they're clear to walk through.

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