Sheriff: 'Two punks' killed 81-year-old man while stealing televisions


COLUMBIA, S.C. – Authorities have made a second arrest in connection with the death of an elderly employee at a South Carolina Sears store.

Jason Randolph was taken into custody Wednesday, five days after his alleged accomplice Jeffrey Alan Simmons.

The two men are accused of causing the death of 81-year old Charles Hamilton who was working at a Sears store.


(Left to right: Jason Randolph and Jeffrey Alan Simmons)

Randolph and Simmons were allegedly shoplifting two televisions last week when Hamilton tried to stop them.

Hamilton was shoved to the ground and hit his head on the concrete floor. The coroner says those injuries led to his death.

Hamilton was an Air Force veteran and was employed by Sears for 13 years.

"An 81-year-old man who was out here living life, enjoying the golden years of his life and it was just snatched from him by these two punks who want to go steal two TVs from Sears. And those two TVs were more important than Mr. Hamilton's life," said Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott during a news conference Wednesday.

The suspects are being held on charges that include murder.

Hamilton leaves behind his wife of 60 years, four children and six grandchildren.

Authorities say, even after shoving Hamilton to the ground, the two men, who both have long criminal records, still left the store with the televisions.