VDOT presents study to Campbell County supervisors about Wards Road/US 29 Corridor

VDOT says they've been working on this project for a year

CAMPBELL, Co., Va. – Campbell County and the Virginia Department of Transportation are working together to make U.S. Route 29 and Wards Road safer. In a meeting earlier this week, VDOT presented their recommendations to the board.

Driving through Colonial Highway in Campbell County you won’t see much congestion.

Further down the road, towards U.S. Route 29 into Lynchburg is where traffic begins to pick up.

"Once you get to the center of Wards Road, that's when it gets pretty bad,” said Will Hunter who travels on Route 29 often.

U.S. 29 and Wards Road have been a topic of discussion for VDOT and Campbell County for about a year.

“This particular project, U.S. 29, is considered a corridor state-wide significance. It basically acts as the Lynchburg district's interstate,” Rick Youngblood, district transportation and planning manager, said.

After a months-long process in studying safety issues and gathering public input, VDOT gave Campbell County a number of solutions.

"Talking to the board was explaining to them the recommendations out of the study. And this particular study we looked at a number of different assets. We looked at capacity, congestions, we looked at safety and we looked at economic development,” Youngblood said.

For 6 miles, starting from the Route 460 bridge to Route 24 in Campbell county, VDOT looked into a number of alternative section designs to make the corridor safer.

"What we wanted to do was be able to identify projects that could be done incrementally and provide safety efficiency through the corridor; or you can do what's called systemically, which is looking at the complete 6-mile section. And do various projects through the 6 miles, and come back and do some other phase at some other time. "

In the study, some projects range from $10,000 to about $9 million. The county's board of supervisors will review VDOT’s recommendations. While they wait, VDOT is optimistic the county will have a strong application for future funding. 

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