Labor Day parade runs through Roanoke despite rain

About 100 people came out Saturday

ROANOKE, Va. – About 100 people celebrated Labor Day weekend Saturday with a parade in downtown Roanoke.

People showed support for steelworkers and autoworkers as well as political candidates.

"It's a dynamite parade," Roanoke City Sheriff Tim Allen said. "We were hoping and praying for a little bit better weather but it's a dynamite parade. It's just one way to show unity for people who get up and go to work every single day."

The parade went down Campbell Avenue, starting on 3rd Street and going toward Market Street.

"Oh, I love the Labor Day parade. Even though it's raining today, we have so many people out here, so many different local unions out here fighting for whatever causes that they're for," said Earleen Miller, representing the United Auto Workers.

Members of law enforcement agencies from Roanoke city and county took part in the parade.