Danville residents get out and celebrate Labor Day

Riverwalk Trail full of people all day

DANVILLE, Va. – Dozens of people in Danville took advantage of Monday's nice weather to get out and celebrate Labor Day.

The city's River Walk Trail was busy all day with people riding bikes and going for walks.

Plenty of people also spent time fishing along the river.

Jo Kirby and Tecora Holland, both Danville residents, said they planned to spend their day outside and enjoying good food.

"We have just enjoyed the trail. We got out early this morning. We usually do a two to two and a half hour walk, so that's the way we start our day for Labor Day," Kirby said.

"Of course, you have to have a picnic, of course; a cookout," said Holland. "Hot dogs, hamburgers, all of it."

Kirby jumped in, adding, "I'm just going to go simple today. I think I'm just going to do leftovers from Sunday."

The Danville Parks and Recreation Department opened its boathouse, normally only open on Saturdays, for boat rentals Monday in celebration of the holiday.

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