Appalachian Power sends crews to help Harvey victims

HOUSTON – As the flooding devastation continues, people from across our area are stepping in to help. Appalachian Power Company sent a crew down to Texas to help assess the damage.

WSLS spoke exclusively to one of the line crew supervisors who is one of the 46 company employees in Texas. The Roanoke man says the damage is extensive, but they are working hard to restore power for everyone. 

"I consider it a privilege and an honor to be one of the people from our area to come to Texas. I had never seen Texas before. It's a big place and it's a lot of damage. They've been devastated. They've really been hit hard and everything was wiped away. You heard about the floods in Houston, but this is different. This is wind and water damage. The people aren't sitting in water like they are in Houston, but all of their facilities have been wiped out."

More than 500 people now have electricity thanks to help from this local group. Coles says the City of Victoria is returning to normal a little bit at a time, as they begin to turn on more street lights and oil rigs.